Subject: Re: Asian Air Reservations
Hi Rose,

Many thanks for the Thai Hotel website. It seems like they have the whole gamut of 3- 5 star properties available which is great. They probably have some fantastic deals.

However, it's always wise to shop around and never stick to one website. Friends of mine were in Bangkok and got a room at the Peninsula for $120. a night including breakfast and the Thai hotel website shows it for $171. (don't know if it includes breakfast) They were able to get this directly from the hotel's own website.

Additionally, people should also be aware that hotel websites often require pre-payment and charge cancellation fee's if your plans change. Booking directly through the hotel almost always has a 24 hour cancellation w/ no penalty policy.

This is not to discourage hotel website usage, as often they can get people incredible deals, it's just a mention to people to always search either a home website or ask a Travel Agent.

Sorry I don't know any TA's that specialize in Asian Airline travel. My guess is that there are probably a lot in the LA area.....perhaps looking in the travel section of the LA Times might list some?

Candice NYC