Subject: Re: Airline upgrades
Hi Bruce,

I had a feeling that someone would mention the exit row strategy as a way to get more legroom. I ommited mentioning it on purpose, here's why:

The exit row seat can be a real find IF you know what you're doing and know a lot about the airline you're flying on and it's seat configurations. But I have heard too many negative stories from friends who arrive early to snag that exit row seat, only to find one or more of the following problems.....

1. The seat does not recline all the way, or worse,doesn't recline at all.

2. There is a cold draft due to the exit door next to you.

3. The arm rests are stationary and the seat is actually about an inch narrower, so if you're a larger person, you'll have less hip room.

4. If it's a bulkhead seat, you don't have a seat in front of you to to put your stuff. Also, if it's a bulkhead, you get a teeny, tiny movie screen to look at.

5. Some window seats in the exit row have a big thing-a-ma-bob attached to the door and actually hampers where you can put your feet thus creating even less legroom than a regular coach seat.

So, sometimes it's worse than a regular seat and I think one has to be a regular and savvy traveler not to get stuck.

Great suggestion about the code-share with UA. If Kathy's flight is a code share and she can get a seat in UA's premium economy, that would be a coup! Do your best begging Kathy!

Candice NYC