Subject: Re: Viet Nam
Hi Rose et al. I find it very hard to say how long to spend in any one location as I prefer to have 4 to 5 days where ever I go. It takes me at least two to settle into the rhythm of the place. Having said that, of the two cities, I preferred Hanoi, it's an old city full of character and French Colonial architecture, the water puppet show is uniquely Vietnamese. Close by is Halong Bay which is a must see, and closer to the Chinese border are the villages of the hill tribes. In Saigon we enjoyed the markets, street life, riding around in cyclos, chatting to school age children and the many people who just wanted to practice their English. This was nine years ago however when visitors were fewer and further between. We also enjoyed a day trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Temple of the Cao Dai.

If I were to choose just one city it would be Hanoi, for a short trip to both, maybe 2 days in Saigon with a day trip outside the city included and for Hanoi, 4 days with a side trip to Halong Bay included. I hope this helps. We have lots of photos of both areas on our website at

By the way, the food situation in '94 was pretty desperate, many people have told me it had improved beyond all recognition now.

Regards and have a wonderful trip. Sue Toronto Ontario