Subject: Re: Viet Nam
Hello Rose,

I was in Saigon last fall; I chose it because I was fascinated with its history, but I feel that the four days I spent there was too much time. More than the sights, I was interested in getting a sense of the place; there was a lot to see just looking at the streets with the contrast between tradition and the modern presence. It was difficult to get a sense of the place by walking around; it was a challenge to cross the wide streets for the most part without stoplights, and getting constantly hassled for rides on motorcycles and cyclo rickshaws, which didn't interest me. I took a half-day excursion to the Cu Chi tunnels, and I'd have liked to see more rural areas. I didn't go to Hanoi, but it sounds as if it's more picturesque; I gather there's still a big contrast between North and South.

Andrew Missouri