Subject: There are places I remember
Hi Ziners, Despite the fact that we are still in summer, we are beginning to think about the winter vacation especially those of us living in climates that will turn frigid come December. Where do Ziners go in the winter months? Where have Ziners been that is worth a second, or third or more, visit from December to April? What travel bargains are there out there - warm weather or otherwise?

My personal favourite is Banff, Alberta. Going south to warm climes seems all wrong to me. Get tanned, come back to snow and feel depressed. But skiing in sunny Alberta in January or February is the right thing to do. It's a special place, as the Albertans will tell you, and there's nothing like a hot flavoured coffee (or your choice of warming libation) after a full day on the slopes with a dip into the hot springs to soothe those muscles that have had a workout all day.

I may be biased, but I think Banff is the most perfect place on the planet. What's yours? Where do Ziners go in the winter?

Lucy in Toronto