Subject: Re: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Hi Pauline,

Excellent choice for a vacation. On our last trip to the Yucatan (with a group of twelve of us traveling independently) we used all three methods of transportation. While in Mérida we used local buses, taxis and walked quite a bit. We hired a guide for a day trip out to Celestún lagoon to see the flamingos. We took a bus out to Uxmal; not a guided tour but just a bus specifically destined for Uxmal and the ruins beyond. It afforded us several hours to see the site before returning for the trip back to Mérida. The next leg of our journey we took an intercity bus from Mérida to Valladolíd. Early the next morning we caught a bus to Chichen-itza and beat the tour buses coming in from Cancun and Mérida. That afternoon bused back to Valladolíd where a few of us hired a taxi for the ride out to Ek-Balam (another ruin just north of Valladolíd). Finally, we took an intercity bus out to the coast town of Tulum and then a short cab ride up to to our beach villa at Tankah lagoon. During our week in Tankah we took local transport the few miles into Tulum and rented a car for a day trip out to Cobá and the spider monkey preserve at Punta Laguna. All of this was managed with a group of ten people. We found that utilizing the different transportation options was the most economical method, and yet afforded us the nearly the same amount of mobility had we rented a van.

On the last trip we we're pleased with our accomodations at Casa San Juan in Merida:

and the Hotel El Mesón del Marqués in Vallodolid s/pages/entrance.htm

Dining choices include the hotel restaurant at the Marqués in Vallodolid. In Mérida I highly recommend a visit to Xcanatun for dinner. It's a restored hacienda on the road to Progreso just outside the city.

Weather in October is variable. Temperatures will have moderated from the extreme heat of August and September. Expect rain, usually in the afternoon. October is at the end of the hurricane season so weather can be unsettled then.

The Yucatan has been a topic fairly regularly on TheTravelzine so you should be able to find some helpful information in the Archives.

John in San Diego