Subject: Re: California members with Italy questions
Hi Jerry,

In response to your most general questions....the weather.....

Italy has a moderate climate though chillier than Los Angeles. Late Oct/early Nov will be light jacket weather and bring a few sweaters to layer underneath if it's chillier. I like to travel with both cotton and cashmere sweaters and wear what the weather determines. A pair of thin gloves, if you have cold hands would be helpful. However, it's Italy, buy them there! Make sure to bring a couple of umbrella's and a water-repellent jacket.

Car rental...........

Contact all the basic flavors of car rental companies and see who gives you the best deal. But, IMHO, don't save money on car types.....the italians drive like maniacs on the highways and I would suggest you get yourselves a real car with good pick-up and a lot of heavy metal between you and all those speeding tailgators. We've always paid to have a BMW or Mercedes instead of the little italian mini-cars and are always happy about making that choice. Call all your credit card companies and see who covers the CDW, that will save you money. We have Diners Club for that reason, saves us more on car rental insurance than their yearly fee. Though Italy is basically a safe country, car theft seems to be their favorite crime. Don't leave your stuff in the car unattended while travelling.

Okay, so that's my weather and car info. Now onto hotels.....

Errr.........perhaps you could give us just the teensiest clue as to what you want and where you want it? You going to Rome....Florence....Tuscany...Venice....Verona...Naples? You like camping or 5 star? You want just a clean place to sleep or an outrageous experience staying in a 12 century monestary that's now a luxury hotel?

Tell us what you want and there's a good chance that someone here can make a recommendation.

Candice NYC