Subject: Re: There are places I remember
Diana and Ziners It's always interesting to read about where folks travel in the winter months. Most from North America or Northern Europe want to escape the cold, but if you only have a week or two and you're a skier or like winter sports, snow is to be enjoyed. Whether it's the Laurentians, the Adirondacks or the Rockies, there is much to be savoured. I met a man from Florida in the Banff Springs Hotel on an extremely cold (minus 40 celsius degrees) day and as we sipped on wine after an invigorating day of skiing, I asked what drove him to come to the Great White North in January. He pointed to the view outside the window and said, Where else would I find heaven in January?.

We went south this past January, our first winter sun holiday, and while I enjoyed it, especially eating fresh fruit every day, it was depressing to come back. So, give me the snow and the vivid sunshine of the mountains in winter any time. Lucy, Toronto