Subject: Re: Places and trips I remember
Hi Ziners,

One of our group's favorite trips was one in '92 when we visited Greece and Turkey. We all loved Turkey, even more than Greece. While in Turkey, we had a memorable lunch on the way to Pergamom, the ancient healing center where, according to our guide, psychiatry was practiced. Lunch was included in our trip, but there weren't many restaurants for a group our size. Our busses pulled up to a large old one-room schoolhouse in the country. It was unusually cold and the pot bellied stove was welcome. It took a while to get our lunch, as there were 93 of us and the people were cooking fresh fish. It was the best fish, a memorable meal. After our lunch we went outside to enjoy the fresh air and the countryside, and someone went around to the back of the building. There was a little stream running under the building, and the ladies who had just served our meal were hunkered down over the stream, with boots on and a hose -- with which they were rinsing off our lunch plates. Needless to say, with all the wonderful things to remember in Turkey, when we get together someone always mentions the great fish dinner and the cleanup.