Subject: Re: There are places I remember

There are places I remember in Slovenia. In 1993 my family and I went back to see my mother's aunt. She was 96 years old at the time. My sister and I had never met our grandmother. This was to be our trip of a lifetime. Both of my parents were in their early 70's at that time.

As we traveled through the new country of Slovenia we met the most wonderful people. My mother and father both speak Slovenian so they were our translators. I drove and my sister was the navigator on this trip. We covered just about every direction and road we could.

My favorite place was Lipica. There were hardly any people around when we were there in late September. The horses were beautiful and so was the countryside. I will also remember the boat ride in Bled to the church on the island. Fantastic!! Slovenia is truly on the sunny side of the Alps.

Jane gregorich