Subject: Re: Ancient cultures?
Frances Ancient depends on your interpretation - traditionally interpreted as Greek, Roman or Middle East. But closer to home in North America is Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. The site was abandoned and now has an eerie feel to it. Here's a site to begin with

Mexico also offers a wealth of places to visit. On the outskirts of Mexico City ( a place worth visiting on its own ) is the Temple of the Sun and the Yucatan has many sites.

Britain and Ireland also have some ancient sites. Ireland has many pre-Christian sites, though the Irish don't generally advertise them. We wandered through the Irish Republic one year and found ourselves in the middle of farmers' fields with pre-Celtic burial mounds where the cows were busily feeding. The Aran Islands are particularly interesting because there are burial mounds and half buried fortifications everywhere and the farmers will tell you that the place has been in the family forever.

As a general rule when travelling, I suggest taking along novels or historical studies set in the spot to gain a greater appreciation. When we visited Knossos, Crete, we brought along reports of the original excavation and followed the book's instructions to understand the layout of the palace. Made the visit memorable. Lucy Toronto