Subject: Re: "been there, done that, not going back!"
Linda and Ziners,

What a fun topic. For us, the been there, done that, not going back place is Rio De Janiero.

We spent 3 days there and couldn't wait to leave.....and I even had a friend who lived there which made things a bit easier.

The crime there just made it misery as we had to be on guard every second. As a native NYer, I'm pretty street savvy, but nothing could prepare us that city. I don't dress like a typical tourist but I have red hair and very white skin, so in South America, I always stand out as a gringo.

We were mugged one afternoon - crossing the street at 3:00 P.M. to go to the beach. We were ripped off by waiters (it took months to straighten out the credit card bills) and taxi drivers and the champagne in our luggage was stolen by Govt. security officials when we had to let them have our bags for a few minutes, while it went from our hands onto a ship we were boarding.

Our hotel had armed security guards at the front door so only hotel guests could enter. Sure, we were safe once inside, but what a price to pay.

We loved other parts of Brazil, but you could give me a First Class ticket and a suite in the Best Hotel and I wouldn't go back.

Candice NYC