Subject: Italy Questions - cars

In defense of Italian drivers: They drive on the right and pass on the left they way it was intended. Yes, they drive fast, but if you just don't drive slowly in the left lane, you will be fine. If you plan to drive in the cities, you will want a small car because otherwise you will not be able to park. On the other hand, we found a mid size car to be just fine on the highways. I agree with Candice, though, that something with a little pickup is nice. This last trip we leased a mid-sized Renault through Renault. It was a brand new car at a great price, and no insurance issues. You need a minimum 17 day stay to make it worthwhile, but it appears that will be fine for you. We also rented a small car through Kemwel. It was fine for what it was. You can find them both on line.

If you could narrow things down for us just a bit, you will get lots of information. Also, don't forget to do a search in the Archives since Italy has always been a big topic on the .

Lisa in Chicago