Subject: Re: Salzburg
Hi Joan,

There have been discussions about Salzburg and there are hotel recommendations in the Zine Hotel and Destinations database.

>From the Zine FAQ:

How do I access old or archived messages? Periodically, TheTravelzine messages are reviewed to identify the best of TheTravelzine. Messages with the most useful information are saved in the Mirror Archives, a wealth of information for planning your travel. The Mirror Archives are password protected for members only. Password changes will be announced monthly in this FAQ.

Where are the Mirror Archives? Members: Logon All Ziners use the identical User Name and Password to access this archive. You may have to enter the info two times. Your Yahoo ID and Password will not work! Current Info: User Name: Lucky Password: Researcher Note: Username and Password are Case Sensitive!

Does TheTravelzine keep lists of hotels recommended by members? What about reference information about specific destinations? Hotel info can be found in the travelogues on, in the archives and in the Hotel and Destinations Database, accessed from

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