Subject: Visiting 3rd world countries
Hi Ziners, Regarding Diana's message about Haiti: A thirty year old bottle of rum, eh? Hmmm. Wonder what it tastes like today?

Travelling, to me, is as important as eating and breathing, and the choice of venue is equally important as choosing the appropriate wine to enhance my meal. In that spirit, as Ziners know, being a traveller means being a guest in the country we are visiting. Travelling in the third world (and this can be places in our own country especially in North America) requires a great deal of patience with a healthy dose of respect for the way people live.

Haiti, which has figured prominently in recent messages, is a case in point. The been there, done that, wouldn't go back thread has been great reading and has provided some insight but should not stop Ziners from visiting these places. I responded earlier, but would hope that the messages are an alert not a stop to travellers. It's a big world: let's explore. Lucy in Toronto

P.S. An aside here: The rum in Puerto Rico is the best I have ever tasted. No coca cola necessary.