Subject: Re: Vietnam and Angkor Wat
Hi Lucy,

I loved my visit to Hanoi and I know that you will too. It's just charming and lovely.

I've not been to Angkor Wat yet, though I have friends that have and all of them loved it, though none have run any races there. Perhaps there's a runners forum somewhere that can give you some insight from that perspective.

As far as travelling there, try looking at some airfares to either Hong Kong or Bangkok. There seems to be a lot of bargain fares to those cities right now. From there, you can book a seperate flight to Hanoi if you can't get a connecting one. From BKK, it's only about a 1/2 hour flight on either Thai Airlines or Air France. I don't recall how long the flight is from HK to Hanoi.

If you can take 3 weeks, then you might consider a side trip like Hue, Hoi-An or Danang.

Candice NYC