Subject: "been there, done that, not going back!"
Gail, I echo your sentiments on Las Vegas and Hong Kong. The one and only time I've been to Las Vegas I wanted to leave after one day, my husband said you've got to give a place a chance so we stayed two nights. I then said let's get a plane out of here and we did.

Last year flying to the far east we went via London to avoid Hong Kong! (Yes, sorry Judy!)

As regards Rio, when we went we were told don't wear jewellery, don't bring a camera and don't stay in the big tourist hotels. We stayed in a little Brazilian hotel (the only gringos) a street back from the beach, took a camera and both wore a watch. Nothing happened, except the Brazillians came to ask the time! We sat with locals at Garota de Ipanema and drank caipirinhas and watched the world go by.

Barbara Toronto