Subject: Re: Rio de Janeiro
Hello Ziners -

The mail about never going back to Rio is very sad!!! It is true that there are areas of the city that are very poor. The favelas on the hillsides are enormous and poor but their residents will not move out no matter what. Even when the government builds new apartment buildings for them. But that is not all of Rio de Janeiro. This city is one of the most beautiful in the world. Its bay rivals with Hong Kong´s in their beauty. I have seen both and Rio wins by far.

Cariocas (Rio´s inhabitants) are a happy lot, helpful to strangers, and as a whole love to have tourists. Like any other large city in this world there is crime and assaults. But so has Madrid and several areas in New York! One has to be careful when walking around. I never open a map in any street in this world. Once in Paris I had a lousy experience for doing that. Never again!!!!

The Guggenheim is considering building a museum there. There are several very good museums, great restaurants, small charming bars all over, good, elegant shopping, etc. etc. And the beaches are great. Beach-volleyball games are a long time tradition. World champions have started and regularly play there. Just to walk by the seashore and enjoy the view is a joy. And cariocas do walk up and down that sidewalk all the time.

Some people may have had a lousy experience but please try again!!!!

Susana São Paulo, Brasil