Subject: Re: interesting liquor in strange places
Hi Ziners,

When Lucy & Diane were talking about rum from Haiti & Puerto Rico, it made me think of my experience with Newfoundland screech, which is an interesting rum! One summer when my husband was alive we drove all the way across Canada from British Columbia & even took the ferry to New Foundland. We were in our van which was fixed up for camping. My husband was a veteran of WWII & was a member of the American Legion Club. He liked to stop by the Canadian Legion Clubs for a drink in the evenings & get to know the local people. We found Canadians to be so friendly & hospitable. We had many offers to camp in people's front or backyards. In Moncton, NB, I stayed in the van & he happened into a club which he thought was the Canadian Royal Legion Club & the people welcomed him in & poured a drink. My husband wanted to show his Legion card & the bartender said you don't have a card for this club. It was a club for retirees of the Canadian National Railroad! But he were welcome anyway. Ten days later on our way back through Moncton, Orv, my husband wanted to show me the RR club & the people greeted him at the door with, Here's our friends from Oregon! In St. John, Newfoundland, we went into the Royal Legion club & I wanted to try Screech which is either famous or notorious, depending on how much you drink. I wanted it mixed with diet Pepsi. The bartender didn't have any so one of the bar patrons went out to a store nearby & bought diet Pepsi for me. The drink was indeed strong & memorable! Such wonderful memories of Canadian friendliness.

Anyone else have a convivial memory?

Carol Bailey Priest Lake, Idaho