Subject: hotel reservations through and ...
Hi Ziners:

First of all I usually make reservations directly with hotels or at their web sites. This time however I made a reservation through because this is a new reservation site owned by major hotels chains and I wrongly thought it would be the best place to deal with. I got a rate at the Wyndham Washington DC hotel for a total of $291.69(including taxes) for three nights. (rack rate $149) It is a pre-paid reservation and there is a cancelation fee of $25.

Today I found out that the same reservation at amounts to $230.34 (including taxes).

There is a trick: in Expedia the rooms are called standard and in Travelweb they are called deluxe, but the hotel tells me all rooms are similar and all are deluxe rooms.

So I think that I would be a fool if I do not cancel the reservation at Travelweb pay the penalty fee and then make a new reservation at Expedia, pocketing $36; not much, but good for the taxi.

Do you think I should go ahead or there might be other hidden charges along the way?

I thought something could be learned by others. I am certainly learning.

Graziella , Miami Beach.