Subject: Re: Rio de Janeiro
Hello Everybody:

I have to agree with Susana and many others about Rio. My brother and I were there last year and we had read all the horror stories before we left. I wore a cheap watch, no jewelry etc., etc. We took buses everywhere, walked even more and only encountered pleasantness. We saw no crime nor were we ever accosted. I am very blonde and blue eyed so could not be mistaken for a native. Even when I went out on my own I never felt unsafe.

It seems to me that many cities are working extremely hard at combating crime. Quito in Ecuador which has an equally nasty reputation for crime also felt very safe. I was alone there and walked around the old city as well as in the center. I live in NYC and again is it a place where I fear to walk around. No, it is not. Do I keep my hand bag open with a wallet sticking out? No, but I don't do that anywhere.

Fanny NYC