Subject: Re: "been there, done that, not going back!"
I would have to say that my been there, done that, not going back place is Bangkok, Thailand. I was sent there on a business trip which included Melbourne and Senegal. I have travelled many parts of the world, but Bangkok's poverty (and heat) were a complete turnoff to me. I stayed in a lovely hotel (The Panthumwan Princess Hotel) and took in as many sites as I could in my limited free time.

The one thing that struck me and, in turn, turned me off to Bangkok was the magnificent Grand Palace and its gardens. I saw people polishing the domes of the various buildings and monuments at the Grand Palace, and I saw the poverty in downtown Bangkok ... several story buildings that had no fronts to them ... as if the buildings had been sliced down the middle ... people living in one or two rooms with only pieces of fabric to keep their privacy from the streets. I felt that the priorities of the city were very mixed up ...

I realize the adoration the Thai's feel for their ancient gods (Rama in particular), and perhaps they have no problem with the Grand Palace having so much money spent on its upkeep, but I kept thinking that the money spent on polishing and refurbishing gold could so much be better spent on the poverished residents of Bangkok.

I would NOT return to Bangkok, but I would like to see other parts of Thailand.

Cynthia Pomona, New York