Subject: Re: interesting liquor in strange places
Hi Carol On one of our many trips to Italy, we visited Sicily on our way to Malta. Malta had been one of those mythical places I just had to see. We stopped in Taormina, Sicily, for a night and found a small home with a very hospitable owner. Next day we moved on and eventually made our way to Trapani where we had a magnificent meal of swordfish. It made us very ill and, suffering with food poisoning, but determined to get to Malta, we bussed back to Syracuse to get the ferry to Malta but we were so sick we had to hunker down for two days. Feeling quite sorry for ourselves, we returned to Taormina, went back to the hotel and the hostess took pity on us. She found us a room and took care of us. Later, feeling weak and shaky and many pounds lighter, but still determined, we finally got on board the boat to Malta.

On board, we were befriended by a British couple who took pity on us . The boat stopped in Catania to pick up passengers and the English man took my partner off the boat to get ice creams for all of us. Twenty minutes later they returned and my partner looked quite perky because our new friend had taken him into a local bar for a pick-me-up to settle his stomach. We arrived in Malta at 3:00 a.m. with no place to stay, but our English friends took us to their hotel and convinced the owner that we should have a room (you can imagine how we looked). On the long journey to Malta, I found out what this miracle drink was - grappa. To this day, we have a bottle of this wondrous liquor in the house and always toast our English companion. It makes for a great story and always brings back memories of the trip.

We thoroughly enjoyed Malta after that but I still can't eat swordfish. Lucy in Toronto