Subject: Grappa
Hello all.

Lucy wrote about the curative powers of grappa. I was reminded of some times I had an upset stomach as a child and was given slivovitz (which would probably now be considered child abuse). It worked, at least to the point that I never complained for fear of getting some more. Actually, slivovitz and grappa have one important thing in common, being made from leftovers (prune pits and post-grape juice remnants, respectively).

As a (fortunately) yearly visitor to Italy, I actually developed a taste for grappa although my daughter thinks it is the devil's potion (though not as bad as Fernet Branca). On the other hand, my wife, who ordinarily does not like alcohol, enjoyed some berry (as I recall, mulberry) grappa, but I like the plain versions, particularly sarpa.

If you visit Venice, you might enjoy a day trip to Bassano del Grappa, about an hour away. There are two grappa distilleries there and you can buy some very cheaply as well as have an enjoyable visit to the distilleries. It is also a wonderful town to see even if you don't drink.

We were very surprised to find out the dozens of varieties of Grappa, to say nothing of its popularity in the North of Italy. Growing up, I had (falsely as it turned out) assumed it was a Sicilian thing, because of the many people whose families came from there that told me about it.

Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, Texas USA