Subject: Re: Iowa and North Central US Tips
Greetings Jay,

Sorry for the delay in responding, I'm now in Philly but have lived and traveled a bit around Iowa and have a few suggestions:

1. Rolling hills (yes, in Iowa!) Northeast Iowa is gorgeous especially in the spring and fall. Get off the interstate and plan a driving day around the smaller roads. Take highways 18 & 13- be sure to stop at Effigy Mounds National Monument. Drive along the Mississippii south on 340 and visit Pike's Peak and continue south to Strawberry Point.

2. Tulips in the Springtime Pella, Iowa = tulips in the spring. They have a great festival in this quaint little town. Wonderful pastries abound and a stay at the Strawtown Inn is a must. Book early - they fill up quickly.

3. East Meets Midwest In the mood for something odd and interesting? Visit the town of Fairfield. In addition to being a nice, small town it is also the home of the Maharishi University and so there's an interesting cross-section people and shops.

Enjoy your stay in the Heartland, Dawn Philadelphia, USA