Subject: Re: New member in Pennsylvania - travel recommendation
Hi Ziners and Pat Mooney!

During your trip to Languendoc-Rousillon don't miss Perpignan (1 day walk is enough) and especially the quaint tiny village of Anri Matisse - Collioure. Collioure is so picturesque that it's unbelievable.

You actually can go their for evening and night after a day in Perpignan. It's a real pleasure - sitting at the little harbour with an imposant tower. Don't miss this romantic place!!!

Getting to the Carcassone is also easy. You need half a day or even maybe a few hours to stroll there. Try to see the eagle performance - during 1.5 hour you'll see how the eagle catches the food from your head or hand.

>From Carcassone Toulouse is not too far - a beautiful rose town - made of rose bricks. If you want, I can give you the phone number of the hotel (cheap enough) where you can sleep in the room of Saint-Exupery (he slept there for 2 years in 20's). From this room there is a great view of the main town square with its white, like a cake, Opera and City Hall. From Toulouse you must visit two impressive little towns - Albi (the most interesting one) and Montauban.

If you have a time - Gascogne of d'Artagnan is not far as well, including its very famous village - Condom.

3.5 hours or less from Toulouse is a tiny Pyrinean country - Andorra. Many people go for shopping - but there is very interesting nature - just write e-mail to the tourist office to get free brouchures with recommended itineraries.

Have a nice trip,

Alex Elbert