Subject: Re: Azores, Madeira, Lisbon and the Algarve
Hi Linda and Don,

Reading today's Público newspaper I thought of you.

In this page: they're talking (in portuguese) about ilha do Pico in Azores, specifically one restaurant called Ancoradouro.

>From what I 've read it is worth a visit. (I've not been there, but Público is probably the best daily newspapers in Portugal and they usually give good travel advice.

They say Ancoradouro is a safe harbour if you want to know Azorian gastronomy. Fish and seafood, but also azorian meat (which has very good reputation back here in continental Portugal).

They then told the reader to drink some local white wine with the food, namely Terras de Lava, Curral Atlantis or Cavaco - always chilled.

Ancoradouro Rua João Lima Whitton Terra, Areia Larga, Ilha do Pico, Azores T. 292623490 Average price per person: 15 euros.

Hope it has been helpful.

Ricardo Correia Duarte Porto, Portugal