Subject: Holiday Apartment in Germany: Etiquette?
Howdy travelers,

My wife and I are leaving tomorrow evening for nine days in southwest Germany (the Kaiserstuhl area, near Freiburg). While we have traveled in this area and in Germany many times, for the first time we're staying put for the entire vacation and renting a vacation apartment (known in German as a Ferienwohnung). We have stayed in these before, but for three nights at the most, and on a B& B basis.

Question: Are there any unwritten rules or etiquette points that we should know about? We understand we'll most likely have to clean the place at the end of the stay. We've been quoted a per-night price of 34 Euros, and nothing was said about any other costs. Yet, I know some will charge an end-of-stay cleaning fee.

We were going to do a bike tour, but a pulled muscle has negated that. So, we're slacking off a bit this trip!

Thanks for the thoughts, Brian Wasson Abington, Pa./USA