Subject: Re: Collioure, France
Hi Tom and Ziners,

As I told before about Collioure, it can't be missed - a real must!!!

To get there from Barcelona is quite easy by the direct train to Perpignan and possibly Collioure itself - I don't promise.

On your way to Collioure I'd recommend you to do at least 2 trips - depends on your time. The train passes through Girona - a very interesting midages town. So, you can spend there one day (at the same day you can try visiting Besalu by bus - a tiny midage fortress. Another day you can go at the morning to Figueres with its Theatre-Museum Dali and from there pick up the bus to Cadaques - the village of Dali. Actually, Dali lived in Port Lligat (1.5 km from Cadaques). There you can visit his house - book in advance. These two fishing villages are among the most charming I had ever seen - not less than Collioure. The same day you can take a tourist bus leaving Cadaques to Cap de Creuse with its lunar landscape - about 8 km from Cadaques. Next day at the morning take bus to Girona and then change to the train to Perpignan.

Hope I gave you some help. Enjoy your trip, Alex Elbert