Subject: Re: Grappa
Hi Ziners,

A couple of year's ago when we were in Tuscany we had homemade grappa at a restaurant.

Here's from my travelogue: Dinner in Lucignano at Totos (Albergo-Osteria da Toto). There are three menus (tourist #) at different prices. The contents of the menus are a surprise but if your Italian is good enough then you can get a choice of what is cooking today. The wine and mineral water appears right at the start of the meal and the wine is their own. We had antipasto, ravioli filled with herbs, a small skewer of grilled sausage etc with a salad. The meal was finished with home made flavoured grappa. We got a pear and a herb to choose from. They came in big jars with a ladle! Very different from a small town (3500 people) restaurant in Canada.

The grappa came in preserving or jam jars and we were given little horses' head cups.Of course, we tested both - powerful!

Frances Toronto, Canada