Subject: Re: Kangaroo Island
Hi Pierette,

Many thanks for the info. (and thanks for Covadonga for adding the link to your April post). I'll have a look in the files later so see what other info might be there.

The Seaview Lodge looks lovely, I'll contact them as soon as I have my dates firmed up. They say that they can supply dinner....are there good restaurants in the area or is it best to have dinner there?

I'm still unclear about transportation. How far is the ride from Adelaide to Cape Jervis? Is there any any advantage or disadvantage to taking the ferry vs. the hydrofoil? If we did it by bus, from Adelaide airport, and didn't have a car on KI would we be at a loss or is it best to rent a car to have at our disposal? You also mentioned flying there.......are there flights directly to KI from the Adelaide airport?

I realize that Jan. is the summer holiday in Oz and when the school kids are out, but for us, it's the best place to take a winter break away from the NYC cold. Other than in the tropics, I've never found Oz to be very hot in January so it won't be a problem. We were in Adelaide in January a few years ago and found the weather to be just delightful......besides, after freezing in Tasmania and having no warm clothes with us, it was a real relief!

Again, thanks for your input.

Candice NYC