Subject: Re: Holiday Apartment in Germany: Etiquette?
Hi Brian,

My husband and I have rented vacation apartments and homes in a number of European countries. The most important thing to the apartment/home owner is that you treat the rental as though it were your own. Garbage out every day, beds made, keep tidy and when you leave, make sure the refrigerator is empty, the beds stripped, dirty towels and linens piled (we leave them in the bathroom), garbage out, etc. When we leave we always leave a thank you note on the kitchen table together with fresh flowers or herbs. You never know if you want to return. We are renting 3 apartments this trip. One in Amsterdam, one in Munich (Oktoberfest), and one in Vienna. The apartment in Munich is the only one which is charging a cleaning fee of 50 Euro. But that's OK since the apartment is within walking distance of the Oktoberfest grounds. We always feel that renting and staying put doing day trips (and occasionally and overnighter) is so much nicer than if it's Friday it must be ?????.

Have a great time! Jane, Boca Raton