Subject: Re: Interesting liquor in strange places.
Hi, In Hotel del Oso, in Cosgaya, Spain we got used to have an Orujo after dinner. In essence it is some kind of grappa. It is brought to the table in a small glass inside a big, big cup full of ice. It is delicious and very digestive. There are different kinds, plain, with herbes etc. Upon checking out from this gem of a family owned hotel, with a superb cuisine, faultless housekeeping and great scenic views in the Picos de Europa Region (+ unbelievable low rates) I thanked one of the 4 sisters that run the place mentioning their delicious orujo. She laughed and told me it is not bad, but if my father would be around he would say it is awful. He would say it has nothing to do with the home made orujo we used to make. For us ignorant connoisseurs of orujo, it was just right.

Graziella, Miami Beach.