Subject: Re: The Palio in Siena
Hi Candice, I'm not sure how far ahead you would have to book. I would guess that for your hotel concierge to do it, you would have to book hotel quite far ahead. I am including a couple of ideas I found today. Frommer says to forget the tickets and to early to the square and stake out a spot on the edge of the center area. Bring food, a book, and sun protection. It says it's much more fun. However, this if fun I would avoid at my age--60plus.

I did a quick search on Google for Siena's Palio and came up with five pages of references. The first two looked like the best for ticket information on the first page. Also the articles are interesting. The third is the Italian Tourism site. Click on the teeny flag for the English version.

I hope these can answer your questions. They are just about where I would start looking for the information. Ciao, Joan in Illinois