Subject: Passport and Driver's License Expiration Dates
Hi Ziners,

I recently read it wise to double check that your PASSPORT WILL NOT EXPIRE during the time you are away from home, or even a couple of months hence (in case of any unexpected delay in returning).

The same applies to your Driver's License if you will be driving during your travels..Fortunately, we just learned that Connecticut allows one to apply for renewal up to four months pre-expiration. We'll need to do this before heading south in the winter.

Just thought I'd pass this along since it is one thing that never crossed our minds inasmuch as driver renewals are sent way in advance of expiry dates...but that won't do any good if we are not here! And, we've always checked for a Valid Passport to go, but never thought about its expiration time.

However, these reminders will now be added to our Travel Checklist!

Happy Traveling! Lucille M Gioello, West Hartford,Ct.