Subject: Re: Kangaroo Island
Hi Candice,

Concerning the bus ride to Cape Jervis, it must take two hours, you cross the Fleurieu Peninsula. With the hydrofoil it only half an hour from Cape Jervi and itīs very comfortable. When you take the bus, you get the connection with the hydrofoil.Try to find the website for the reservation of the hydrofoil. I had good contacts with an Australian girl who worked there in 1998.Iīm not sure she is still there. People in Adelaide are very friendly and the region. You can have your dinner at the Seaview Lodge, itīs home-made cuisine and itīs very nice. They donīt cook one evening and you must look for a restaurant but Iīm sorry I canīt recommend you one in Penneshaw. Yes you can fly from Kingscote to Adelaide. I had no car but maybe to rent a car can be an option and you feel more free. Be careful there are few macadam roads, otherwise there are only sand tracks and you must drive very carefully. When you are there, try to find some non-crowded beaches .Iīve never seen so beautiful sand beaches and blue seawater. Just an information, I got from ozzies,the best month to visit Tasmania is february. I hope I have responded to your questions.

Regards. Pierrette