Subject: Re: Switzerland
Hi Ziners,

We are busy making final arrangements for our trip to Switzerland. Thanks to those who responded to my question about Zermatt. We are staying for 2 nights at the Hotel Walliserhof (one of the recommended ones)

Now, another question. After 2 nights in Zermatt we are planning to travel to the Ticino region. The big question for me is where to stay, Locarno or Lugano? I am wondering if Lugano is somewhat like Nice. Lots of huge hotels etc. I also am considering Ascona which is next to Locarno or even a really nice looking bed and breakfast located about 8 km from Lugano. We will stay 2 nights and then on to stressa where we will relax for 3 nights. So, anyone have suggestions about where to stay. I should mention that we are not ones to spend tons on a fancy hotel.

Many thanks, Mary in California