Subject: Re: Kangaroo Island
Hi Candice Not surprised about your Tasmania experience, as like Melbourne it can just as easily produce 50c days as 100c ones in the middle of summer. Too eratic to safely pack either summer or winter clothes. Adelaide is more of a mediterranean climate and therefore more stable, however if the weather comes in from the south Kangaroo Island bears the brunt of very cold winds. Most of the tourist accomodation and the beaches for swimming are on the sheltered northern side. The best scenery and the seals and sea lions are on the rugged southern side.

We took a day trip from Adelaide around 7 years ago (mid-winter). To be honest, we saw everything we wanted to see in that day. We never felt that we missed out on anything and therefore need to go back again. Since then, they have made a major effort to develop local produce on the island (marron, mussels, kangaroo and olive oil) and there could be some good eating experiences. I'd therefore opt for either a day trip or stay overnight for a more leisurely trip.

We have just returned home after driving the Great Ocean Road between Melbourne and Adelaide. we only went as far as Port Fairy and then drove north through The Grampians to Mildura and Broken Hill and then right across New South Wales back to Sydney. (4,700 km). Given the choice between Kangaroo Island and The Great Ocean Road, I'd choose the latter. Because it will be summer school holidays, you would need to book all accomodation well in advance. Accomodation probably easier in Warrnambool or Port Fairy than Apollo Bay or Lorne which are very popular destinations for Melbournians in summer.

Have a look at some of our photos.

Regards Gavin (Sydney, Australia)