Subject: Re: Collioure, France Travelogue
Hi Barbara,

Since 1987 I have always carried a small notebook when traveling, recording highlights for future reference and to pass on to others. When Linda and I decided to write travelogues, I had to adjust to taking more detailed notes and coordinating Linda's photography. I have learned how to take notes while walking, resting, viewing, dining and since we do most of our traveling by train, I use this time to get completely caught-up. After a while I developed selective memory and note-taking styles that ease the process. Very often I will supplement my notebook material by writing notes on a city map that will be folded in my hand while touring.

This process works for me, producing the type of travelogues found on our website. My suggestion would be that you first decide the style and content of the travelogue you would like to write and then devise a strategy for recording the facts you need.

Speaking of Collioure, in the Fall of 1994, prior to the time we wrote travelogues, we visited southwestern France with 3 friends (including Ziner Pierrette and her husband) who took us to this marvelous town. After checking my notes I can't add more to John's outstanding travelogue and the positive comments of others except to report on our superb lunch of anchovies, fish soup, and plates of assorted grilled fish and seafood at the Amphitron Restaurant right on the harbor. The final entry in my notes is Collioure is a place to which we must return!.

Regards, Don