Subject: Re: Kangaroo Island
Hi Anne,

Many thanks for all the great information.

I was aware of the non-paved road rule as we've rented cars in Australia before. On another forum, I was told how expensive it was to take your car on the ferry, so with all that, it seems to be the best bet to rent a car once we get onto KI.

However, maybe it's just best to take organized day tours from the island? Are you saying it's 150 miles from one end of the island to the other?

I've seen the fairie penquins on Phillips Island (daytrip from Melbourne) and they're just fantastic, so while I'd love to see them again, I won't be disappointed if they're not in KI in January.

Do you think 2 nights on KI is enough? Would 3 be better?

I've been on holiday in Oz in January and have no problem mixing with the locals also on their holidays. Shout ya' a beer, mate! :-)

Candice NYC