Subject: Re: Writing/recording travelogues
Greetings Ziners! I always take a small blank book as my travel journal. The first few days of the trip I'm religious about making entries. True to human nature, as the trip goes on the fewer entries I make. Of course, when I return home I curse myself for not making more and better journal notes. I've been toying with the idea of buying a small digital audio recorder. I think I would be more inclined to keep a comprehensive journal if I could simply talk into the recorder while having an espresso at a Florence bar or sipping a glass of wine at a cafe in Paris's Latin Quarter. There's also the added attraction of being able to capture the incredible SOUNDS of travel. I still remember my first trip to Italy, when I was standing outside a music school one Venice morning. I was overwhelmed by the melange of sounds: an orchestra of various instruments tuning and students practicing. How I wished I'd brought along even a cheap microcassette recorder! Do any of you Ziner's travel with or have recommendations on small audio recorders? Mark Mitchell Boyds, Maryland USA