Subject: Hotels or B & B in Budapest
Hi Ziners,

My husband and I have had to make some last minute changes to our plans to go to Prague because as Canadian citizens we need a visa to enter the Czech Republic and we screwed up on supplying the Czech Embassy with the proper information (not entirely our fault) and as a result will not be able to get our visas in time. We have decided to go to Budapest instead. We are flying into Vienna and will probably take the train to Budapest and will spend from Sept 11-15 in Budapest. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced good hotel or B& B in downtown Budapest?

We had arranged for a driver from Prague to pick us up at the airport in Vienna and drive us to our hotel in Prague, but we've had to cancel this arrangement. Has anyone heard of or used a similar service to go to and from Budapest. The Prague service was only 10 euros more than the train and provided door to door transportation, so it would be great to make a similar arrangement for the Vienna - Budapest trip, if it were available.

Finally, we would appreciate the names of a few good restaurants in Budapest and some must-see sights.


Etta Toronto