Subject: Re: Writing/recording travelogues
Hi Everyone!

I used a very old dictaphone for our trip to Nova Scotia a couple of years ago. I kept it in the glove compartment and was constantly talking about each site we visited while the memories were still fresh in our minds.

As Rick & I have totally different interests, we often tour on our own for a while in each town. During the drive we would both record the details of what we saw. The travelogue became much more personal for both of us. Unfortunately, I recorded over the tape. There was a lot of laughter on it that can't be put into words. Looking back, the journal entries for that trip were the longest & most detailed of any I've written.

I highly recommend recording because it's so much faster & easier. Journal entries become a job to me if I'm tired after a long day of touring.

Marlene New Westminster, B.C.