Subject: Re: Charles de Gaulle Airport & bikes
Hi Mike and Fran

Lonely Planet have a guidebook called Cycling France which has some limited advice about arriving at the airport. I think it will depend on the airline as there are a number of terminals. The book discusses bikes and shuttles and also the train link with the caveat that not all Paris stations allow bikes. The book directs you to the airport link at

I had a quick browse and couldn't find anything useful though. They mentioned bulky items would have to be shipped as freight. I assume you will pick up the bike at a special counter (freight). In Australia it has always been very easy the couple of times we have flown with a bike - and there were no delays - we weren't even charged extra for carriage.

If you want to browse Cycling France in a bookshop try pages 128 & 130 for the airport info.

We dreamed of cycling in France but the logistics with children were too daunting.

Regards Anne Canberra, Australia