Subject: Re: Writing Travelogues
Hi fellow Traveloguers,

For me, just as planning the holiday is almost as much fun as the journey itself, I really like taking notes of the places I've been. It's as much for my enjoyment as for my family and friends too - some people want to see my photos, while others want to know what I bought, while others want to know my budget and how much it cost to see and do and travel.

So I always take a blank notebook with me - I write something for every day and try to make a habit of finishing a day's entry before going to sleep at night. I write a lot while on trains and buses, and occasionally will write in a restaurant if I'm travelling solo and want to linger over my meal but feel strange by myself.

In the back of the book I also keep a record of everything I spend and what is cash or VISA (helps with reconciling the statement when I get home if I can't tell where the entry is from). Sounds like a lot of effort I guess but I never find it a chore.

On my recent tour I also used it to keep track of which meals they gave us so I could see if in fact they did provide x dinners and y lunches!

I know some people who will also keep a log of the first and last photo on each roll of film and number them, while others take photos of Welcome To... Town signs to make it easier to put photos in order after the trip. I'm not quite *that* organised.

And then when I get home I buy a beautiful photo album and spend way too long doing it up with brochures and postcards and photos.

But it's always worth it because I can reminisce with the photos, and can also easily look up costs of things years later when I wonder just how much I paid for my Venetian mask or Delft pottery :) :) Megan Brisbane, Australia