Subject: Re: writing travelogues
Hi Ziners,

And thanks to all that send advise and suggestions in preparation from my journey last June.

Having returned from my studies and explorations of France for 6 weeks, I can say keeping a travelogue has been invaluable in looking back of the personal growth that has, and is still taking place. Taking pictures periodically, which reflect the physical changes along with the other changes taking place is a part of my album. This has been study in making my 4th career change.

For those of you who were members back prior to my departure in June this year, when I requested help, as I had never been out of the borders off the USA, thank you for senting me recommendations, and helpful suggestions regarding transportation, packing, and communication while in Europe.

I also came across a very helpful infogram at a university housing where I stayed in London, just a block down from the Queen's palace. One of the tidbits I found extremely valuable, having been gone from home, was, don't make any major decisons based on impulses influenced by your return shock.

If anyone would be interested in what is in this 4 page Coming Home Again, I would be glad to send it separately. Titles of the parargraphs are:

When You Get Home Some Thing Never Change But You Have Personal Growth Relations With Others Practical Aspects of Life Merging Two Cultures Value of a Journal If You Need Help Some Advice

While I was upgraded to first class from London's Gatwick, so I had the best possible return, it took 5 days at home to begin to recover, and then I visited Laguna Beach CA where I attended the yearly Pageant of the Masters. This event began 70 some years ago where people dress up, along with the backdrops and lighting one gets to view a bigger than life old master's painting. I can recommend this yearly event to anyone who enjoys art. Their website is

Along with bodywork, while in CA, I returned back to Texas feeling a little more present and yet aware my perspective has and is still shifting.

My pictures have been put in a photo album with brief descriptions so I don't have to rehash my trip. Much of my trip was for attending class up on a mountain 45 km northwest of Nice, and was experiencial, which words do not do justice.

The French people were helpful, trains and hotels were available everywhere I went with no prior reservations in this year of 2003.

I am also remaining in the explorative frame of mind in my area as was suggested earlier on the Travelzine.

Again, I appreciate the Travelzine resource, both in preparation for my trip, as well as in reading about other's experiences.

Naomi West in Texas USA