Subject: Re: Kangaroo Island
--- In, molly8061 wrote:
> We drove the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide
> about 3 years ago, best way to do that? As a day
> trip from Adelaide? Would we get to see enough of it?
> We have seen the fairie penguins on Phillips Island, so
> we don't need to go out of our way to see them again late
> at night.

Sounds like your getting to see more of the southern parts of Australia than most Australians.

We made the one day trip from Adelaide. I think the bus left the city center around 6.00 am. Probably 1 1/2 hours to the coast, then the ferry to the island (maybe an hour). In other words, we were on the island by 9.00. Only about ten or so people and we were met by the bus that took us across the island to the southern side and the sea lions. From there it was to a BBQ lunch on a sheep property, then down the south side to the far western tip to the lighthouse, the amazing rock formations and the seals. Then to a wildlife sanctuary (kangaroos and koalas). Speeking of which, the island has been over run by the koalas. They aren't natives to the island, but were introduced to protect them as there are no foxes or natural predators on the island. They have bred at such a rate that they are eating out their habitat. The problem is, where to move them. They require special species of eucalyupt for food, and there just aren't enough anywhere on the mainland (apart from where there are already koala colonies), so they are just having to confront the issue of culling them. Culling sounds better than -------.

We then returned the length of the island to the ferry and home. All was booked through the S.A. tourist office in Adelaide the day before the trip. You may prefer a more leisurely trip, but unless you want to spend some time on the beaches near the dock, a day should do it.

Have you thought about Sydney or the coast north of Sydney for a holiday in our summer? It's probably got the more consistent weather at that time of the year and if you want to take in wineries, scenic coast and mountains and lying on a golden beach, it's got it all.