Subject: Re: Kangaroo Island
Hi Candice,

Iīm sure you have to make your mind for your stay on K.I. If you love nature, Iīm not sure one day trip from Adelaide is enough. I think if you donīt stay for a long time but enjoy sand beaches, the northern part of the island, a nice walk suggested by hosts of the Seaview lodge, two days are good. I give you the following imformation concerning your bookings. You can send a message to bookings@ (remove the space after the @) and ask for Sharon.She was very friendly and I had the pleasure to meet her at her office. Concerning my information about crowded January, just suggestions done by ozzies friends.

Hope you īll enjoy your stay there. Have you driven across Adelaide Hills, itīs a must and it remembered some places in France.Donīt forget Mc Laren Vale, less famous than Barossa Valley but wines from there are very good.

Regards Pierrette (French expatriate in Dresden)

(I spent many vacations in Australia due to some ozzie friends and relatives through my husband).