Subject: Lucca Hotel Recommendation
We have just returned from a long weekend in Lucca. I would like to post a recommendation concerning our B & B accommodation.

Hotel Boheme 2 Via del Moro Lucca

Sited in a narrow street within the walls of Lucca, this B& B is great for those looking for a simple but beautifully traditional Italian room. Situated a minutes walk from the Piazza San Michele it is initially difficult to locate (it is on the 1st floor - not street level with the tiniest sign you can imagine on the large double doors!) The city is pretty much car free and although you are allowed to enter in a car to drop luggage, it isn't something I'd reccomend! Even with a small car the narrow streets and challenging one-way system is enough to exasperate the calmest of us - which incidently doesn't include me whilst my map-dyslexic wife is navigating! We parked outside the walls in the free parking zone beside the Porta San Donato and walked - about 10 minutes when you know where you are going! Guess who carried the bags in 38 deg? The hotel when you find it is charming. It has just six bedrooms, a spacious lobby and a small but cosy breakfast room. We were met by a very friendly young man who greeted us by name and showed us directly to our room - room 12- immediately presenting me with a large very chilled bottle of water - he obviously has sympathy for us Northern Europeans or has medical training and didn't wish me to dehydrate in front of his eyes! The room itself was tastefully decorated painted in traditional style, a gorgeous deep rust colour with stone tiled floor. A four poster bed dominated the room which was equipped with a small television and an electric fan (more of which later!) The en-suite bathroom was huge with separate bath and shower and enough room to host a small party! Breakfast was included in our price and was adequate if slightly dull - bread rolls which, once breached, were soft enough to eat, cheese, ham, salami etc. A word of warning however - what looked like individually wrapped croissants turned out to be the most vile tasting cardboard based pastry - I swear, I tasted traces of marzipan in there, but it may have been formaldehyde - thankfully strong coffee eradicated the aftertaste! Now for my only gripe! Yes it was the hottest summer that Lucca had experienced in years, yes I am Scottish and thus am more used to biting wind and persistent rain, but this place needs air conditioning! And a small fridge in the room (or perhaps a large fridge which would accommodate a large, sweaty Scotsman)Never in my life have I been so HOT! Not just uncomfortably hot, but something approaching meltzone! The small whirring fan had the effect of mild wafting and had to be aimed directly at the bed during the night to allow any sleep at all! To sum up - a wonderful accommodation in the heart of Lucca - but avoid in the middle of a heatwave!