Subject: Re: Kangaroo Island
Hi Gavin,

Many thanks for your input. Being on the bus by 6:00AM, is probably not our ideal way to enjoy a day. So I think we'll do it for an overnight. At this point we just need to decide whether we want to do on a tour group or on our own. Generally we avoid tour groups, but since this a nature expedition, maybe it's best to do it with a guide who can give us lots of fascinating information. Someone here posted a website with KI tours that offer a 1,2 or 3 night overnight options with a choice of lodging. Good flexibility. I think the 1 or 2 overnight would be best.

Of course we'll spend some time in Sydney and at the end of our trip, Melbourne. Have to hit some of our favorite dining spots and check out some new ones. I think that Australia has the most exciting cuisine in the world today and Melbourne and Sydney have the top spots. We're not beach fans, though we have taken walks on Bondi and Manly beaches and did a lovely drive up to Whale Beach. That's the northern most point of Sydney and it's rocky cliff's are gorgeous. On this trip, we'll spend some time outside of Sydney and we're booked into the Tizzana Winery B& B in Hawkesbury for 4 nights. We'll do some day trips from there, on our own, to the Blue Mountains.

After that, we'll fly up to Cairns and drive to the Daintree for 3 nights so Tony can dive the Great Barrier Reef and I can commune with nature in the rainforest. If anyone has any recommendations for upscale lodging in the area that's not too beachy, please suggest. I've done some web searches and have come up with nothing, so we'll probably go back to Silky Oaks Lodge. It's a fabulous place, but this will be our third visit, so I would't mind a different place.

Candice NYC